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Overseas Removals & Relocation  ( Personal Effect ) 

Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Europe, S.E.Asia, China, Macau, ........

Let us solve your moving problems to a better place of overseas. We apply qualified methods to pack fragile objects, electronic and electrical appliances. Professional and protective furniture packaging; Specially-made garment box to avoid creases; Assembly and disassembly of necessary furniture; Assembly and disassembly of lighting, fan and curtain; Deposition of package wastes.
We have a large-scale fleet to provide you high quality transportation service without charging any extra service charge. We have transportation vehicles of all sizes to help you to move your home, office and factory with furniture warehousing service. All our staff is well-trained to provide transportation service with the highest quality.   

Request for Moving Quotation


To help us generate an estimate for your move, please click the above link and fill in the form. Regal World movers representative will follow up on your request. if you are moving to Hong Kong from other countries, our (international) agent partner will also contact you. Feel free to call/contact us for verification, or if you are unsure about the process.


澳洲、加拿大 、 美國、歐洲、東南亞、中國、澳門 ...........                                                                                         

如果閣下將搬遷到海外一個更好的地方,處理搬運事宜永遠令人煩惱。就把問題交托我們,透過我們優秀及貼身的服務,讓我們助您解決所有問題。我們會以認可方法包裝易碎物品、電子及電器用品等。專業及具保護能力的傢俱包裝;特製衣物箱放置衣服,以防造成皺摺; 裝拆必需傢俱;裝拆天花燈飾、風扇及窗簾;棄置包裝殘餘廢物。


Worldwide relocation made simple
Door to door international moving services

Request a quote

We know that international moving is a big moment in your life. Focus on what really matters, Regal World will take care of the rest.

Household Move
Regal World exists on the basis of making worldwide relocation simple with our international moving services. Our office staff will coordinate a survey of the items from your home that you intend to ship, provide a quote, and schedule the move date that works for you. We will walk you through the process of an international move by guiding you through the documentation, moving process and creating a seamless connection between the origin of your goods through to its destination.

Corporate Move
Regal World understands that when your employees relocate they leave one office on a Friday, and walk into the new one the following Monday. We understand how important it is to provide a positive international move experience for your employee and your corporation. Our Consultants will coordinate with your company’s Human Resources department on all aspects of the moving process. We are able to provide international moving services that allow for the seamless movement of your employee’s belongings. We will take care of all aspects of their move, and your employee can settle into their new home.

Employee Moving
Whether you are setting up, moving, or expanding internationally, Regal World can provide you with the quality international moving service that is necessary to conduct such a move. With expertise in dealing with documents, computers, and server machines we know how to effectively pack and ship your goods so that you can resume and continue operations fast.

Fine Arts & Antiques Move
With experience in packing, crating, and shipping anything from a singular ceramic plate, to an entire collection ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. The time and quality of our crews are what entrust individuals, art galleries, and prominent auction houses to recommend and use our services for international handling and shipping of said goods.

Storage Solutions
Our storage solutions allow for your goods to be properly stored in our secure warehouse facility in Hong Kong. Whether it’s home goods, office furniture, or corporate goods, Regal World is there to provide the support that you need for a seamless experience.

Commercial Logistics
With a client base that requires an efficient and accountable partner, Regal World is their top choice. We are able to provide the best support and logistical solutions process to either simple or complicated shipments. We do this by understanding your needs, addressing them with you, and coordinating so your logistical needs are met. Schedule an international move with us Request a quote

Your international moving experience with Regal World

1 Get an estimate Review your relocation needs to get an accurate estimate of shipping your belongings.

2 Start packing Use our packing services or pack yourself—we’ll provide everything you need for the big day.

3 On the move Send Your precious belongings on their way using the fastest and most efficient route: by sea, air, or land.

4 D-Day Arrive at your destination with confidence: our professional staff will deck out your new space. What makes us unique

What we do
Regal World strives to simplify worldwide relocation, by being the best international movers. Moving and shipping household goods, fine art and antiques, offices, commercial entities, and logistical support can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when we are involved.

Who We Are
We are an experienced team that believes in providing quality international moving experience by cherishing our client’s belongings as if it was our own. From our office staff, to our team of international movers, we are here to help you every step of the way.

How We Work
We provide an end to end service ensuring your move is smooth. From providing an estimate of your move size; to professionally packing your belongings at the origin; to shipping it by sea or air; to its final destination; to safely unpacking everything at your new home.

Free in-Home Estimate
For the most efficient and cost-effective International relocation, please contact us to schedule a free in-home international move survey. This in-home estimate allows us to meet with you, view your household goods, estimate the weight and volume and discuss the details of your relocation, your budget, and your packing and storage options.

Residential International Moves
Our extensive residential International moving services include export packing and crating, steel container loading, shipping, custom clearance and delivery to your door, unloading and unpacking. We also offer specialized moving services such as overseas auto shipping, as well as international shipping for pianos. If you have it, we can ship it overseas!

Standard Packaging Material

We also provide the standard packing material the client for their more easily to pack up different size of the lighter items by themselves. Click for Photo


To request more information or to arrange a Free Estimate click here.
Contact person :

Mr. Teddy Kwok / Mr. Francis Cheung 



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