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Request for Quotation

We have years of experience in handling export, import and re-export goods by left/right steering trucks to provide quality and reliable arrangements, which enable our clients to receive their goods smoothly.

Car Shipping service made easy, you can export your car from the Hong Kong to Australia simply and safely. We provide weekly departures with direct connections from the Hong Kong, ensure fast transit times and your car’s secure arrival at its destination.

A car is shipped on its own in a sealed 20’ or 40’ container from our warehouse near Kwai Chung port in Hong Kong.

We provide a service tailored to your needs, whatever your vehicle’s requirements, we’ve got it covered. You choose the departure time and have peace of mind that we have no hidden fees.

Bring your car to our depot, or we can pick up your vehicle straight from your front door.

Our dedicated and highly skilled vehicle personnel will load your car into a safe and secure container. They will also carry out a vehicle inspection report, deal with paperwork and assist with country regulations.

Ships normally sail every week taking 2–4 weeks in transit to Fremantle (Perth), Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It can take a further 2 to 4 weeks for clearance and roadworthy testing before a car is ready to be registered to be used on the road.

All vehicles entering Australia require an import approval. The personal import requirements are that Australian residency (a visa allowing work for at least 2 years or that can be upgraded in the future to a permanent visa) or nationality is required and that the car owner can show that they are actually moving to live in Australia. Only 1 car per person is allowed every 5 years and the vehicle must have been owned and used in the HK for a minimum period of 12 months. If the vehicle is older than 1989 then none of these requirements apply although an import approval is still necessary.

Import approval is obtained by completing an online Australian government (DIT in Canberra) application form and attaching scanned copies of the car and personal papers and it can take 4–6 weeks to obtain. Although the approval is only required once a car arrives at the Australian port it should be obtained before shipment of the vehicle from the HK.

The Australian import taxes on most cars are 5% duty and 10% GST. Duty is paid on the customs value and GST is paid on the total of the customs value + duty + cost of shipment. Usually the customs value is based on the Australian ‘as landed’ value which can be as low as half of the actual Australian market value.

We recommend agents in Australia who liaise with the local port and arrange unpacking, handle all of the arrival custom and quarantine formalities and work with a roadworthy preparation company for testing and registration.

Using the quickest route possible, your car will be shipped to Australia, where our overseas agents will carry out customs formalities ready for your vehicle to be collected or delivered to you.





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Contact Person : Mr. Francis Cheung

  (852) 2511-6688