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A.V. Ad Valorem
A.N. Arrival Notice
A/W. Actual Weight
B.B.C. Bare Boat Charter
B.A.F. Bunker Adjustment Factor
B/L Bill of Lading
CCIB Approval Approval of health, animal and plant quarantine of China Commodity Inspection Bureau
CFS Container Freight Station
CIR Container Interchange Receipt
C.A.F. Currency Adjustment Factor
CFS Container Freight Station
C/O Certificate of origin
C.S.C. Container Service Charge
CY Container Yard
D/O Delivery Order
D.R. Dock Receipt
D.S. Direct Surcharge
D.V. Dry Van
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
FAS Free Alongside Ship
FAK Freight of All Kinds
FCL Full Container Load
F.I. Free In
F.O. Free Out
F.I.O. Free In & Out
FIOST Free In, Out Stowed & Trimmed
FOB Free On Board
FOR Free On Rail
FOT Free On Truck
FR Flat Rack
F/T Freight Ton
H/H House to House
H/P House to Pier
Im/Tr Import/ Transhipment
LCL Less than Container Load
M/R Mate's Receipt
M/S Motor Ship
NVOCC Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
O.F. Ocean Freight
O.T.C. Open Top Container
OAF Operation Application Form
PTI Pre-Trip Inspection
R/O Release Order
SCT Shekou Container Terminals
S/O Shipping Order
T/F Overseas Cargo Transhipment Declaration Form
W/T With Transhipment at........